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Pure And Natural Water Softener Salt



Morton® Pure and Natural™ is made from all natural, high purity salt crytals. The natural solution for softer feelings skin and hair, less buildup on appliances and easier cleaning.

Morton® Pure and Natural™ is easy to lift, open and pour thanks to special bag features, including a sturdy plastic handle for more comfortable carrying and an easy-tear opening


50 lb paper bag
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Morton® Pure and Natural™ Water Softening Crystals are for recharging water softeners. They are designed for use in home and light commercial water softeners and other ion-exchange water treatment processes in which sodium chloride is used for resin regeneration. This product can be applied effectively when the brine tank is properly equipped to filter fine insoluble to avoid valve clogging. It should not be used in touch gride plate, hydrosyphon systems designed for pelletized salt. The crystals  have a minimum purity of 99.47% sodium chloride and are crystalline to white in appearance.


  • All natural water softener salt
  • Easy tear opening
  • Comfortable to carry: sturdy plastic handle for more comfortable carrying
  • Available in 40lb and 50lb bags