Flour Salt

Flour Salt


Helps to improve adherence, product coverage, and speed of salty sensation

Morton® Flour Salt is food grade sodium chloride produced to a fine particle size. This product exhibits a high surface area and delivers a quick, salty sensation. For topical applications its excellent adherence properties result in more uniform coverage.

  • PACKAGING: 50 lb per case

Product Description

Morton® Flour Salt is food grade sodium chloride produced by grinding and screening vacuum salt to a particle size of less than 70 mesh. The salt particles are jagged fragments of cubes exhibiting a very raid dissolving rate, a quick salty sensation, and excellent adherence for a more uniform coverage. Tricalcium phosphate and a trace of Yellow Prussiate (Sodium Ferrocyanide) are added as a free flowing anti-caking agents and are exempt from label declaration as incidental, non-functional additives on foods incorporating the salt

  • High Surface Area: Delivers a quick, salty, sensation
  • Uniform Coverage: excellent adherence properties allow a more uniform coverage than other salts
  • Solubility: Rapid dissolving rate helps speed-up production and can save on labor costs.