Clean And Protect 40lb

Clean And Protect 40lb


Morton® Clean and Protect™ contains a formula that prevents buildup in pipes and appliances, helping to extend their life and improve efficiency.

Also available in a smaller 25 lb size, Morton® Clean and Protect™ is easy to lift, open and pour thanks to special bag features, including a sturdy plastic handle for more comfortable carrying and an easy-tear opening

  • PACKAGING: 40 lb per case

Product Description

Clean and Protect™ Water Softening Pellets are for recharging water softeners. They are designed for use in home and light commerical water softeners and other ion-exchange water treatment processes in which sodium chloride is used for resin reginetation. This product can be applied effectively in all designs of softener brine tanks. The formula is not abusive to softener parts and resin, It is compatinle with chemicals and specialized resins used in treatements for iron and other foulants. Cleansing additives are thoroughly flushed from the systen during resign regineration. They are compressed from either vaccum grannulated solar or solar salt. The pellets incoperate evenly dispersed concentrations of a patented resin cleaning additives. The pellets have a minumum purity of 99.65% with the principle impurity of either calcium sulfate or sodium sulfate. Other impurities may consist of traces of calcium chloride, magnesium solfatem and manesium chloride.

  • Helps extend the life of appliance and water softeners
  • Easy tear opening
  • Comfortable to Carry: sturdy plastic handle for more comfortable carrying