TFC PureSun Culinary Crystals 2000lb

TFC PureSun Culinary Crystals 2000lb


Morton PureSun Culinary Crystals, is a new food grade solar salt naturally harvested from the waters of the Great Salt Lake. Morton PureSun Culinary Crystals meet FCC purity requirements and can be used in a variety of food processing applications including soups, sauces and snacks.

  • PACKAGING: 2000 lb Tote

Product Description

Morton PureSun Culinary Crystals is salt harvested from water taken from the Great Salt Lake using solar evaporation. The brine is concentrated in open shallow ponds and then crystallized into pure salt through slow evaporation by means of solar heat and win. The harvested salt is washed, dried, crushed, and screened to the optimum size. PureSun Culinary Crystals tends to crystallize in pyramidal aggregates which are broken up in milling to irregular rectangular particles and are crystalline to white in appearance.

Morton TFC PureSun Culinary Crystals contains a trace of yellow prussiate of soda (Sodium Ferrocyanide), a water soluble anticaking agent.