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Star Flake Dendritic



Truly one of a kind
Morton® Star Flake® Dendritic Salt’s unique structure and star shape offers low bulk density, a rapid dissolving rate, strong blendability, and an unmatched liquid absorption while delivering a quick, salty sensation.


50 lb per case
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Dendritic Salt is a high purity, food grade salt formed in porous, star-shaped modified cubes. Its unique and diverse physical properties result in low bulk density, a rapid dissolving rate, exceptional flow characteristics, strong blendability, unmatched liquid adsorption and a quick, salty sensation
Bulk Density: Low bulk density helps it perform as a cost-effective bulking agent in blends packaged in rigid containers. This helps reduce cost because less salt is required to fill a container to volume.
Solubility: Rapid dissolving rate helps speed-up production and can save on labor costs.
Porous, Star-shaped Crystal: the unique porosity of this crystal offers improved adherence in comparison to traditional salt, and delivers a quick, salty sensation.
Flow: Exceptional flow characteristics reduce flow interruptions and bridging that can commonly occur with other flake grades.
Blendability: Low bulk density and irregular particle shape contribute to its outstanding blending properties. This reduces segregation and enhances the consistency of your blend.

Absorption: Its porous crystal structure provides an unmatched ability to adsorb flavors, oils and essences, making it an excellent medium to disperse these more expensive materials