Lite Salt Mixture

Lite Salt Mixture


Morton Lite Salt Mixture is a salt and potassium chloride blend that contains 50% less sodium than regular salt. It cooks the same, bakes the same, measures the same and flavors the same – so it can be used in all your recipes just like regular salt with the same great results.

  • PACKAGING: 50 lb paper bag
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Product Description

Morton Lite Salt Mixture is a blend of equal parts high purity Culinox 999 salt and and potassium chloride. Lite Salt Mixture delivers a similar degree of saltiness and seasoning enhancement with only 50% the sodium as standard salts. A small amount of magenisum carbonate is incorperated to prevent caking and improve flowability.

Sodium Reduction: delivers all the flavor and results as regular salt with 50% less sodium Less Taste Impact: masks the bitter aftertaste of potassium chloride in most food prepartions Good source of Dietary Potassium: increases nutritional benefit and appeal Easy to Use: measures the same as regular salt in all of your recipes.