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The Bulk-Lift bag, which can be utilized independently, offers ease of handling that reduces man-hour time and expense. Valuable storage space is saved as well. For the ease of the processing industry, which cannot accept tankers, prompted a progression of this semi-bulk system. Industrial Salt Bulk Bags can also be utilized directly into brine tanks.

John’s Salt Service Semi-Bulk system takes the obvious strengths of the semi-bulk bag and combines them with the revolutionary handling possibilities of the Bulk Bag/Bin Industrial Salt System for the most advantageous method of handling under 25-ton tanker loads. The bin’s lightweight fiberglass construction makes it ideal for many semi-bulk uses, including replacing pallets of 50-lb. bags dumped by hand. Now you can dump directly to any tank, with a controlled amount dispensed as needed.

Its portable one-ton plus capacity and fast-dispensing capabilities combined with sanitary storage make it the ideal companion for the semi-bulk bag. And the futuristic front side discharge design makes dispensing convenient and accessible to you, while the flow of the product is easily controlled. A cone dispenser is also available for directional and measured discharge of bulk by volume – all customized to fit your operation.